Free Internet Traffic Using the Free Services of BackPage

Many online advertisers are flocking to to post their free ads. This free online service is quickly gaining popularity over since that service has become more restrictive in their advertising policies. BackPage is a great way to get free internet traffic, once advertisers learn how to use the service in the correct manner. Currently, BackPage has little in the way of advertiser restrictions or limitations.

What many advertisers do is post their ads frequently, hoping to get their ad viewed by many. Unfortunately, my tests show that ads get unread because they roll off the first page quickly due to other advertisers posting their ads.

If only these advertisers did a little keyword research and ad optimization, would they realize their ads could get picked up by Google and often indexed on page 1 of Google. BackPage ad optimization is a great way to get free internet traffic. I have ads running on page 1 of Google in the #1 position a year after I posted them.

I never post ads hoping to get them read by other BackPage users. I always optimize my ads hoping to get a great Google page ranking. The most popular section in BackPage is the business opportunity section and many advertisers use auto posting software hoping that more ads means more readers. Nothing could be further than the truth. These auto posters cause even more issues for the manual ad posters as their ads sometimes roll off the first page in less than an hour.

Using free ads services and Google magnetized optimization techniques, I have had great success using this as a free internet traffic tool that often out pulls other methods such as article marketing and press releases.