Make Money Online Just by Placing Free Classified Ads

While it may seem like some type of internet marketing scam, the answer is a resounding yes, you can make money online simply by placing free classified ads. Following is how and why.

Why You Can Make Money Online Placing Free Classified Ads

Put simply, this type of advertising is a direct line from product/service creator to potential clients. Before a sale can take place, prospects have to know that a certain service or product is out there. And, what better way to get it in front of them than by free classified ads.

You see, when people use free classified ad sites, they’re usually mindlessly surfing for things related to their life that they need, ie, babysitting services, someone to cut their lawn on the weekends, a used car, etc.

But, like infomercials, free classified ad sites can be a bit addicting, in that you start surfing them and you can’t log off. That’s when they’re likely to run across your ad for a “make money online” opportunity.

And, if it’s something that piques their interest and it’s within their price range, they’re likely to click through to your site. And, if you have a killer landing page, then that’s when a sale is made.

FYI, some popular free classified ad sites are Backpage, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc. There are hundreds of them.

Can You Make Money Online: You Can, If You Have a Good Product

One of the easiest things to sell online is information. In fact, it is the number one selling product online. Proof? According to a 2009 Business Week article, What Sells Online? Unsexy Newsletters:

“As the ad recession deepens, it’s a handful of Silicon Alley Web companies that are getting one thing right that many Bay Area companies abandoned years ago: the e-mail newsletter. That’s right. The East Coast is leading the way in showing how to make money from those electronic digests of a site’s content, delivered regularly to your already cluttered in-box.”

And what are newsletters? They’re simply information, of course.

Can You Make Money Online Selling Information

Of course, there are a few factors that determine what kind of information that will sell well, but the most popular kind is “How to”. Why? Because people like, want and need to know how to do a variety of things, eg:

How to Write SEO Articles; How to Write an Ebook; How to Become a Freelance Writer; etc.

All of these are possible titles of ebooks you could write and sell online – if you had experience in this nice. And, let’s face it, everyone is an expert on something. As a freelance writer, I’ve averaged $100-$150 per day selling information products (ebooks) I’ve created; just like the ones titled above.

The easiest way to make money online selling information products is to go with a proven seller. That way, you don’t have to worry about ” can you make money online, ” because you’ll be too busy doing it.