Paid Classified Ads Are Better

Lucky for you today you get to find out exactly how paid classified ads can boost your affiliate income. Many people advertise via classified ads on websites such as craigslist or backpage, but the results are usually not what people are wanting.

So how do you get better results from classified ads? You pay for them!

I know this may not sound like a great alternative to you, but before you knock this method just hear my exact process for making money with classified ads.

1. You will be promoting affiliate products from Clickbank via the classified ad format on eBay. These ads cost just $9.95 for 30 days of exposure, during which time your ad will be seen anywhere between 100-300 times on average. This is tremendous exposure for such a cheap price!

2. Another great thing about paid classified ads is that people on eBay are wanting to buy something, which means that your conversion rates will be higher than people who are advertising via SEO or PPC. The average conversion rate for Clickbank products is usually around 1%. However with eBay conversion rates are often times around 5%!

3. It is a fact that many affiliates are making 8-12 sales a month off of just one classified ad on eBay. The great thing about it is that it is simple! All you have to do is write the classified ad on eBay and link it to your website or affiliate link. Technically eBay does not allow linking, but they are loose on this policy and will seldom punish you for linking to your website.

As you can see, paid classified ads are a great way to make an extra $2,000 plus month with affiliate marketing. If you put up 20 good classified ads that are promoting a good product to a hungry crowd, then you should make 100 dollars a month per ad. Many affiliates are doing this, but revealing there exact tactics, until now.