Top Places Online For Your Free Classifieds

Using classified ads as part of your Internet Marketing strategy is highly recommended for many reasons. Here are 3 top reasons…

* Information is posted quickly

* You reach your niche market fast

* They cost absolutely nothing to post

Here are the 2 best places to put effective free classifieds, there are others.

* USFreeAds – Be sure to check out their affiliate marketing options.

* CraigsList


The options available from USFreeAds are incredible. They just launched a new free tool where you can receive notices of newly posted ads that contain your selected keywords directly to your E-mail. The USFreeAds posting options are very robust. Where else can you post entire articles with affiliate ID’s included directly within your ad?

There are 3 levels of ownership that are available with USFreeAds.

* Free

* Gold

* Premium

Obviously, with each level the abilities of your account increase.

USFreeAds is the only classified ad service I know of that allows you to actually make money from their program. That’s right, up to 40% per sale from all people you refer to their services who subsequently upgrade their account to something more than “free”. Also, as I understand it, this isn’t a one-time pay but rather you receive commissions each and every month that your referrals remain active with USFreeAds.

*** CRAIG’s LIST ***

I personally have been working Craig’s List the longest. Placing a topically related ad within a specified region was never easier than with Craig’s List. If you mention the word’s “Craig’s List” in conversation most people know exactly what you are talking about. Plus, like USFreeAds they boast a very healthy Google PR rating.

While you can submit entire articles to their service you cannot direct your readers right to any affiliate options, but rather they must come to your website first. However, renewing your ads on Craig’s List is as simple as a click of a button. Pictures as well as URL links can be added to your ads as long as they meet the standards of the Craig’s List services. Much of my own personal financial success on the web has been directly related to Craig’s List.


While I have yet to use these services myself, here are 5 more places to place your own effective free classifieds that also boast high Google PR ratings.