Use Backpage to Generate 20-40 Leads a Day

The name of the entrepreneurial game is spend less make more. Everyone craves for the idea of adding massive leads for as little cost as possible. So how you can do this? Backpage: This is one of the largest up and coming free ad sources around. AKA “Craigslist cousin” has slightly less traffic but a lot easier to get your ads posted. They aren’t as picky when it comes to biz op ads and their using far less technology to monitor spammers. So what I am going to do is give 2 secrets on generating massive traffic with Backpage….

Number one, this is truly an honest effective source of leads so take it as seriously as any ad campaign. Put up solid ad copy with attracting ads and spicy action words, emphasize what actions you want the lead or prospect to take and have capture pages ready to collect their information. Set up tracking for this ad, you want 2-3 ads going so you can see which one is the most effective. The more time you spend on what works the more money you’ll make. Here’s a tip, the sales category threw Jobs gets the most qualified traffic for what we do.

Number two, create the ad with a system in place to track and see which one will be most effective. Take the necessary steps to get your ads seen. Backpage does not want biz opp ads and spammers so this is what you need to do. Open up 10 or more emails so they cannot track your email, get a broadband connection, because if you cut it off and on you’ll get a new ip address. Last I’ll recommend the software Ad master. It allows you to generate tons of ads with the push of a button….