USFreeAds For Lead Generation

Every network marketer needs more leads for their home business. I do not know anyone who has enough leads. We are all looking for cost effective lead generation and there are many places online where you can find people interested in home business opportunities. One of these places is USFreeAds.

USFreeAds is a high trafficked website that displays classified ads of all kinds. These ads get displayed on several websites for a small monthly fee. Google rates content on USFreeAds very high so your ads can even get displayed on Google because of this association.

There are only a few things that cannot be displayed on USFreeAds and these are related to the normal questionable content items. If you are looking for leads for MLM purposes then it is unlikely that you will want to use questionable content in your marketing.

Any business opportunity posted on USFreeAds will also get posted on BizzWizz which greatly improves your exposure. Many of my clicks on network marketing business posts come from this website.

I find that posting old articles and email message as advertising helps develop a better profile for my business. I can upload unlimited ads in multiple categories each month to increase my link backs and to drive more traffic to my sales page, blog and affiliate links. Each ad remains on their site for 40 days and you can set it up to renew automatically if you want certain content to remain beyond that limit.

It is interesting that this is a classified ad site but I find that the more effective ads appear to be non-sales related. This site is like a social media website where people want quality content in your posts. It is best to provide them with content about your product and service and have them sell themselves.

USFreeAds is a very low cost option for people to get visitors to their site and blog. It appears that posting content rather than blatant advertising appears to work best. Consistent posts also improve response so it is best to post ads regularly in different categories so people see the different ads all over the place.

You cannot post the same ad in multiple categories so you have to rework the content before posting. This allows you to split test your advertising for further considerations on other sites. Put your copy writing skills to the test and start working this ads site.